Council Representative Contacts

Council representatives are renewed every election year at the chapter AGM. There are 14 chapters within local 057 and they are as follows:

Chapter 001

Noeline Carriere

Brandie McMeekin

Mary Brisebois

Chapter 002

Brendan Grant

Jo-Ann Blackmore

Joeann Clark

Chapter 003

Christina York

Gina Hoffmann

Pricilla Heatherington

Len Icke 

Chapter 004

Carol Klassen

Ted Gall

Angie MacArthur

Ray Tweedle

Grant Butz

Janice Skeldon

Chapter 005

Darren Graham

Wendy Kicia

Tammy Webster

Rose Cherri

Crystal Shadbolt

Janice Tubbs

 Chapter 006

 Joe Eccleston

Bruce Young

Fern Walker

Chapter 007

Reg Hilts

Chapter 008

Marcella Thomas

Shelly Grover

Chapter 009

Lynn Keith

Arlene Dylke

Chapter 010

Brenda Light

Carol Palichuk

Audrey Pelletier

Chapter 013

 Jules Noel

Chapter 014

Velvet  Hansen

Chapter 015

Cam Amstutz

Chapter 016

Debbie DeGraw

Helana O'Neill